UMCL Youth


---What is UMCL Youth?


UMCL Youth is a ministry of the United Methodist Church of Libertyville (UMCL) dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to build a strong faith community and grow closer to Jesus!

We take Jesus’ message seriously to love God and love people. We believe that everybody has a purpose in Christ and our goal is to provide an environment where young people can grow in their relationship with the Father and share that love with the World!

We anchor our vision with the church’s main one. A place to BELONG, a truth to BELIEVE and way to BECOME.

---How Do We Accomplish That?

We have a number of programs and opportunities for parents and youth to get involved! Check it out below:

If you have any questions or need any specific information please don’t hesitate in contacting our Youth Pastor Gonzo:

JrHI Sunday

Available for middle school students to gather to explore God’s word and how it applies to modern society. Kids begin their worship experience in the traditional service thru Children’s Time at which point they retreat to the Youth Room.

JrHI Tide

JrHi Tide is a weekly program for students in 6 – 8 grade. In this program, we strive to create a place for students to connect with friends in community and to our ancestoral past to learn and grow from one another. We teach that the Biblical story is our own story and try to place ourselves in the stories to draw deeper meaning from the words.

High Tide

High Tide is a weekly program for high school students. We focus on ways to integrate our faith in to our lives at school, at home, at work, and with our friends and families. We explore what it means to be a reflection of God’s image and the role that we can play in the world beyond ourselves.

---Confirmation, Camps, and Missions

Confirmation Program

Students in the 8th grade who are ready to live their lives as a person of faith, we welcome you to participate in the UMCL Confirmation experience. This Aug-May program includes overnight retreats, guest speakers, mission work, and in depth discussions on how faith applies to all aspects of our life. Classes meet weekly and require a commitment from both student and parents to regular attendance and participation in events. The Confirmation experience is an incredibly rewarding journey for students and an important milestone in their faith journey.

Jr High Summer Camp

A camp just for middle school students in mid-July. The Great Escape in Green Lake Conference Center in Wisconsin is the longest continually running youth camp in the United States. The 6-day event is transformational for children as they listen to dynamic speakers, musicians and other artists who understand how to praise God and experience the love of Jesus through their gifts. Recreational activities in this fun and exciting atmosphere keep students busy and the relationships they form with youth leaders and fellow students make them feel comfortable and loved.

Appalachian Service Project

Our annual ASP mission trip allows high school students to experience firsthand what it really means to be in service to others. This week-long journey to Appalachia provides the residents with meaningful home repairs performed by our students and adult volunteers. Participants will meet new friends, build relationship with existing friends, learn construction skills, connect with people from a culture different from theirs, and, through the experience, come closer to God. Registration runs thru February each year for travel in mid-June.
For more information on all of our youth programs, contact Gonzalo Santillan, Youth Pastor.