Heather Munson-Axen

Praise Band Director

Heather has been singing ever since she started talking. She is so blessed to be from a very musical family! She is so excited to get back into the praise and worship band setting.  It was something she was a part of in various churches in the area for years.  The most recent church she played at was at Trinity United Methodist Church in Lindenhurst and she was the church pianist/sang there until it closed in January 2019.  For the last 10+ years, she was also involved in local bands that played at festivals and various venues around the area. 
What inspires Heather to sing at UMCL? She says “When my late grandmother came to see me sing in a pub once, she said she loved to hear me sing but she wishes I’d just sing for Jesus.  That always stayed in my mind and honoring my Grandmother’s wishes, I’m back and thrilled to be part of the United Methodist Church in Libertyville!”
Heather is married with two very handsome young men (Brad & Eric) and  recently became an empty nester. Her husband, Dave Axen, is also a local musician and she hopes someday he’ll join her in worshiping with you all!
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