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We have so much to offer at United Methodist Church of Libertyville, we could barely fit it on our website! From the joys of weddings to finding the care of Stephen Ministers, UMCL has many opportunities for you.


In the sacrament of baptism, God uses common elements – in this case, water – as means or vehicles of divine grace.


Marriage is the sacred covenant reflecting Christ’s covenant with the church.


The Christian funeral is a witness to Christ’s victory over the grave and affirms God’s gift of eternal life.


In GriefShare you will have the support of trained group leaders and other group members who are also on a healing path following the loss of a spouse, child, family member or friend.

Need Help

From a caring friend to brighten your day to emotional and spiritual guidance during life’s transition, the support team members will provide what is needed.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers provide focused care, encouragement and support to those experiencing a life challenge or crisis in a completely confidential program.