Need Help?

The UMCL support ministries are trained and supervised compassionate church members here for individuals need support during challenging times in life. From a caring friend to brighten your day to emotional and spiritual guidance during life’s transition, the support team members will provide what is needed. You can submit prayer requests or contact a Stephen Minister at the bottom of this page.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers are people with special gifts for a caring ministry who can share those gifts with others who need it most. Stephen Ministry is built on the idea that all Christians are ministers and all have the responsibility for passing on God’s love. Stephen Ministers provide focused care, encouragement and support to those experiencing a life challenge or crisis in a completely confidential program. If you or someone you know is facing a difficult time in their life – large or small – and would benefit from the caring presence of a Stephen Minister, please visit their webpage by clicking below:

UMCL Care Team

The UMCL Caring Team is a group of people that work to lift the spirits of those that are hospitalized or shut-in and provide comfort and support for family members, reminding all that they are not alone. Team members talk, pray and provide companionship to others so they know they matter to God and to UMCL. If you or someone you know in the congregation needs this ministry or you would like to join the Care Team, call 847-362-2112.

Prayer Chain

The UMCL Prayer Chain is an important part of our ministry and includes more than 135 church members who are willing to faithfully pray for our congregation and others that need to be lifted up. We invite you to request and receive prayer through the Prayer Chain or to join us in our ministry work. Prayer requests can be made by in Sunday services during our Sharing Our Joys and Concerns moment, by filling out a prayer card located in the pew pockets, or by submitting your request using the form below or call 847-362-2112