Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
During these uncertain and concerning times, the leadership of UMCL wants you to know that we are taking the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. We are particularly concerned about those among us in the “high-risk” categories for this disease – those over sixty years old and those with compromised immune systems or respiratory issues.
We have been monitoring the situation and have decided that we will follow the State of Illinois guidelines related to school closures. That means that UMCL’s building will be closed from now through March 31.
And yet, it is important that we maintain our bonds of unity, peace and fellowship in the midst of this crisis. We are not “canceling” church. But we are closing the building. Please plan to worship with us on-line, LIVE, tomorrow at 9:30am. Go to and click on the link from the homepage. As always, you will also be able to access past sermons on our website.
During this live-stream of our worship together, you will be able to lift up prayer concerns and celebrations in real time through the comment section.
In addition to moving to “virtual worship,” we are encouraging committees and small groups to find alternative ways to meet. We will be providing on-line meeting resources to you in the near future.
We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as necessary. For now, the church office will remain open during the week to respond to emails and phone calls with any needs you have. Please do not hesitate to contact the church office with any questions or concerns.
The building will be open as a polling place on Tuesday. We will be working with PADS to develop a plan for that important ministry.
We are a community of faith. We continue to trust in God. We will continue to hold each other in prayer. Please do not neglect the bonds of fellowship during this time. Check in on one another, particularly those who are in one of the high-risk categories.
Our “Wheels of Hope” ministry is ready and willing to run errands for groceries, prescriptions or any other errands to help those who need to stay at home. We have a large team of volunteers and no request for help is too small. Please let them help you.
And as always, remember…God is good! All the time!
In Christ’s Service with You,

Jay Carr

Senior Pastor